Searching for an alternative solution to tile, laminate, or linoleum? Metallic epoxy is the solution for you. Usually found in the commercial industry for their high durability, and easy to maintain smooth, seamless shiny look. Now you can have the same look in your own home but on a designer level. With a variety of colours and techniques to choose from, epoxy is definitely the most cost effective and attractive choice when it comes to resurfacing that old eyesore floor.

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What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring may not be something that you have heard of before. To keep things simple, it is a flooring surface that is made up of two main components. Resins and hardeners. These two are mixed together and chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. Epoxy floors are strong, durable and easy to maintain. If done properly, may be some of the most fantastic floors ever to be seen.

Why choose Epoxy?

Bare cement floors may seem like the obvious flooring option, however, Epoxy floor coatings can often alleviate many of the problems associated with plain cement. Water and stain resistant. Concrete floors are made to be used, and not just admired from afar. Accidents can and will happen. Hard water or other liquids are bound to come in contact with bare cement floors, causing annoying stains and unsightly appearance. Epoxy coated cement floors clean up easily and continue to look great over the long term. Spilling a liquid on a cement floor may easily be absorbed. Cement has a porous surface and is in fact vulnerable to bacteria formation, chemicals, water seepage and moisture. Epoxy floor coatings give you a protective layer that can preserve the quality of the flooring. Carefully selected Epoxy flooring provides impressive abrasion resistance, as well as the strength to withstand the impact of dropped objects. Even if damage does occur, a fix can be as easy as sand paper and a roller. Epoxy Flooring systems are adaptable, making them an ideal option for flexible spaces. The right epoxy flooring works beautifully for a variety of applications, including retail, offices, theatres, vehicle repair garages, basements and much more!

Epoxy Flooring Durability

Will it peel, fade or turn yellow? Howling will it last? What can you do to protect it? Here are some ideas to help you maximize the beauty and life of your epoxy floor. Little extra effort up front and by using quality materials we can save you years worth of extra expenses later. Preparation is essential! the durability of your Epoxy Floor is directly related to the quality of materials that are used and the proper preparation of the surface. Putting down an Epoxy coating on a concrete surface is not as simple as grabbing a roller and painting the ground. Surface preparation may vary, from grinding the area for a proper bonding, to acid etching to ensure the perfect surface. An application of Epoxy primer is always necessary to achieve a perfect top coat. In some cases, a second coat may be applied to achieve the look desired. When the customer is content with the look of the top coat of epoxy, the final step to the floor is an Epoxy clear coat. If the area has hairline cracks or larger craters, the areas can either be filled with an Epoxy Gel or for highly damaged surfaces, a technique called “shot blasting” is available at a low cost.

Don’t use any cleaning products that contain the solvent Methylene Chloride. It is extremely strong and is used as an Epoxy stripper. This chemical will damage your floor and also burn your skin.

You get what you pay for. The hardware store kits have homeowner grade materials. The Epoxy supplied, usually contain 20/30 % solids to keep the costs down. The rest is actually water! These kits also do not provide you with a clear coat Epoxy which enhances the beauty and durability of the floor. The kit I am providing is a professional grade kit and includes the Epoxy clear coat which is UV resistant. This two-part Epoxy system is made up of 95/100% solids, giving you a much thicker product, which is better for absorption and gives you a deeper penetrating and durable coating.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy coating should show no effect to the following household and automotive products: Motor oil, gas, transmission fluid, break fluid, anti freeze, degreaser, liquid plumber, ammonia, vinegar, Clorox, Windex, acetone, xylene.

Tips for Maintenance

Mop and hot water. Occasional dusting. For minor spills or vehicle drippings, a paper towel or soft cloth. For heavy cleaning of Epoxy flooring, sweep away loose debris, use a hard foam mop, hot water and clear ammonia. If desired, the floor may be hosed/power washed and squidgy dry. Keep in mind the Epoxy coating without the non slip additives may be slippery when wet!

While professional Epoxy coating is very durable, they are not indestructible. If damage does occur, you may contact me and I will assist in how to repair in any suspected damage.